Social Contributions

Growth with distribution

CSR activities in many different fields for the public interest.

  • Mutual Growth
  • We are cooperating with local universities and trying to create new jobs. Also, we are supporting a local community and cultural events.
    • Developing human resources through cooperation with universities
    • Supporting local cultural events
  • Distribution
  • We are trying to contribute to our society and world by developing and commercializing state of the art material technologies for IT industry. Furthermore we are practicing our role in helping the underprivileged.
    • Supporting local charities regularly
    • Supporting scholarship
  • Environ-ment
  • To pass down green environment to the next generation we have made various efforts based on green growth
    • Environment friendly policies(complying with international environment standards)
    • Green product(developing environment friendly products)
    • Developing technologies for resource recycling

Ethical Management

DUKSAN Hi-Metal Co., Ltd. makes every effort to be trusted by society and to take the lead of social responsibilities.

We practice ethical management offering clear ethical vision and open communication. Externally we try to build customer trust and to maximize shareholders’ value by improving enterprise value and also, internally we seek self-realization of our members.

building trust and impressing customers by customer satisfaction
respecting each other and fairly treating at work
transparently and effectively managing the company to maximize enterprise value
contributing to economic and lsocial development

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

DUKSAN Hi-Metal considers occupational safety and health as priorities of all management activities so follows occupational safety and health policies constantly to make our workplace safe and healthy.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Policy
  • 1. Considering occupational safety and health as the priorities of management
  • 2. Operating the best system to achieve occupational safety and health policies and goals
  • 3. Comprehending and following all the rules and regulations required in management
  • 4. Finding and improving potential danger in management
  • 5. Establishing safety management system and safety culture through constant education and training for all staffs.